Understanding Your Bill

Although SJP has become your energy provider, your bill will look much as it has in the past.

We’ve partnered with SCE to continue maintaining lines, starting and stopping power service and handling all billing. SJP’s job is to buy cleaner power and fill their lines with it. That means you will continue to get just one bill each month for your electricity. Only the line(s) which address power generation will change.

  • Once SJP service starts for your business or residence, the line item for power generation on your SCE bill will be replaced by an SJP charge for cleaner power.
  • SCE will stop charging for generation but will continue to charge for the energy delivery services (typically referred to as “transmission and distribution”) and various regulatory fees. Because SCE and SJP both provide separate electric services, your one bill will include charges from both SCE and SJP.

If you want to know more about your bill, we invite you to download the sample bill that explains the various charges:

Understanding your Bill - PDF
Understanding your Bill - Interactive